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About Us

The Lynx UK Trust CIC was formed in 2014 by a group of experienced conservationists and scientists with specialisations in wild felines, genetics, field research, reintroductions and education that have worked on projects worldwide. Since its formation, the team has grown and now includes many experts and volunteers, supported by several larger partner organisations; you can find short biographies for many of them below.

We are currently seeking licences to conduct a regulated scientific trial, studying the effects of a Eurasian lynx reintroduction to a selected site (or sites!) in Scotland and England. This will involve a time limited trial reintroduction so as to observe, measure and analyse the effects of lynx on various aspects of the UK's social, economic and natural environments.

Emily O'Donoghue, CIC Director and Company Secretary
Emily is an experienced wildlife biologist who has worked on a range of projects from reintroducing the great bustard to the Salisbury Plain to capturing and DNA testing black rhinos in South Africa. As director of the CIC Emily is responsible for the day to day administrative running of the lynx project.

Dr Paul O'Donoghue, Chief Scientific Advisor
Paul manages a range of high profile, international wildlife projects, including working with some of the world's most endangered species such as black rhinos and pygmy hippos. He was an expert adviser for the IUCN Cat Classification Task Force project, is involved in conservation efforts for the Asiatic lion and Amur leopard, and leads a number of activities on the Scottish Wildcat Haven project, developing the genetic test for wildcat purity and overseeing all field and research operations.

Steve Piper, National PR Consultation
Steve is an award winning documentary and feature filmmaker who has provided PR consultation to a range of wildlife and conservation projects in the UK and internationally. The founder of the Wildcat Haven project in the West Highlands, he has been part of the lynx reintroduction project since its inception in 2013.

Nick Morphet, Veterinary Specialist
Nick is a highly experienced vet who has worked as senior vet on the Wildcat Haven field veterinary team since 2012 carrying out feral and hybrid cat neutering, health checks, blood sampling, inoculations and anaesthetising of wild, hybrid, feral and pet cats in the Haven region, whilst also supporting fieldworkers with tracking and trapping.

Eurasian lynx in forest

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