Welcome to the Lynx UK Trust, carrying out research, education and release programs with the Eurasian lynx
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Lynx reintroduction research projects

We are surveying locations across the UK and meeting with local communities in those areas, to identify potential release sites for a trial reintroduction of lynx.

Genetics and habitat research into British lynx

British lynx education and awareness projects

We will work closely with local communities, stakeholders and the general public to improve understanding of lynx and their place in our ecosystem.

Education and awareness projects and goals for the UK lynx

Lynx reintroduction and release programs

Selected reintroduction sites will provide soft releases for a small number of closely monitored lynx, as part of a scientifically led trial reintroduction.

Reintroduction and release planning for the Eurasian lynx in the British Isles

Welcome to the Lynx UK Trust, a group of conservationists dedicated to reintroducing the lynx back into the ecosystem of the British Isles.

The Eurasian lynx, an original native of the British Isles, is a medium sized cat that has been forced out of much of Western Europe by habitat destruction and human persecution over the last 2000 years. The last of the British lynx disappeared around the year 700.

Focused on hunting deer species and smaller prey such as rabbit and hare, the lynx is a legendarily elusive creature, known by ancient cultures around the world as a mysterious 'Keeper of Secrets' that rarely leaves the forest.

This solitary and secretive nature means that they present no threat to humans and it is exceptionally rare for them to predate on agricultural animals. Their presence will return a vital natural function to our ecology helping control numbers of deer and a variety of agricultural pest species whilst protecting forestry from deer damage caused by overpopulation.

Reintroductions into other European countries have been a remarkable success, with the best managed programs constructing whole new eco-friendly industries such as wildlife tourism around their presence, breathing new economic life into remote rural communities.

With no natural threats and bringing a great range of benefits to humans, the time is perfect to bring back the lynx to the British Isles.

The Lynx UK Trust is made up of a group of expert feline conservationists with specialisations in areas such as wildlife reintroductions, field research, ecology, biology and genetics, determined to return a sustainable population to the UK over the next decade.

We are currently engaged in a range of research to identify potential release sites and to carry out a full public consultation on opinions towards reintroduction of these cats to the UK.

This temporary website serves as a basic overview of our objectives and will be expanded over 2015; please join our social networks to keep up with the latest news, it's going to be an exciting time ahead!



After wonderful support across the UK media and on social networks, our initial survey of public opinion on a lynx reintroduction trial attracted over 9000 responses with approval rates as high as 91%; you can find some more details on the figures on our Survey page, and we'll be adding more data in future.

The survey is just the first stage of our public consultation process which will also include talks and face to face meetings with interested members of the local community and other stakeholders, based around the proposed reintroduction sites. We are currently working with the statutory agencies to plan out the details of the consultation, whilst putting together early drafts of our formal applications for a trial reintroduction; news on all this in the coming weeks!

The Eurasian lynx

The Lynx UK Trust is a CIC based in England; you can donate to support our work via debit or credit card via Paypal by clicking the button above!